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Hilton Head Dolphin Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12

Dolphin Tours From Hilton Head

Do you want to try something exciting and different on Hilton Head Island this year? Come join us while we explore Hilton Head, Bluffton, Daufuskie Island, and other surrounding marshes on a 25 – 30-mile dolphin watch and drive-it-yourself boat tour.

Each tour starts off with a detailed instruction on how to drive and maneuver the skiff. We will teach all the do’s and don’ts before launching your boat and starting the tour. This is the best time to ask us anything that wasn’t clear. Just so you know, majority of our participants have never driven a boat in the past so don’t be scared we have you covered. However, you must be physically able to steer the boat with our unique stick style steering and also have general driving ability and alertness. You will follow a guide during the whole tour so you don’t need to know how to navigate our waters or how to find dolphins.

On our Hilton Head dolphin tour, we make stops for dolphins, talk about interesting history, and see great sights along the way. Our guides lead the way around a local island called Bull Island that is home to many pods of local dolphins, nests of birds, and occasional sea otters sitting on the shores. Bull Island is a privately owned and undeveloped Island that is loaded with local history and lore which is talked about during your stops.

We also show you hidden gems and talk about things we are sure you never knew about our island or the area. We will show you the only real lighthouse in the area which is not Harbor Town lighthouse. We will make a stop off of Daufuskie Island to show you some of the historical sites dating back to the civil war and how the island received its name.

Each tour time has the same route however due to interaction from our guests during the tour its never exactly the same every time. Our main focus will be on dolphins and trying to show you and unforgettable experience while tossing in information about wildlife and history along the way. With that said, if you want to know something or would like more details please ask our guides along the way or let them know before we leave the dock.

You can feel safe while “skiffing” with Island Skiff Adventure Tours on our two-person CraigCat catamaran boats. Our models are equipped with 30 hp outboard engines that allow you to go to speeds of 30 mph. We provide ice water and dry storage on each guided boat tour of Hilton Head. Every catamaran also has a bimini top that provides shade for those who request it during our excursion.

Island Skiff dolphin tour route